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The hope that within the framework of the" regulatory guillotine " it will be possible to achieve fundamental changes in the criteria for classifying  objects of negative impact on the environment, unfortunately, was not justified. The current criteria become invalid on 31.12.2020 (see resolution of the government of the Russian Federation № 1496 of 18.09.2020 (appendix 1, item 24)), and the new criteria have not yet been officially adopted.

However, we have a small reason for pride. In the negative conclusion of the regulatory development assessment of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia (Заключение_ОРВ_критерии_отнесения_объектов.pdf ) on the draft Criteria that was posted on the portal, the conclusions of ECOTEAM have been separately highlighted and fully attached to it (from page 51 onwards) according to the branches of production of ceramic bricks and sanitary ceramic products, in which we analyze and justify the need for a fundamental revision of the existing Criteria.